European Fashion and Desire

Fashion at its core is about composition and silhouette. One of the things that people love about European fashion is that it’s often very complicated in its delivery and in he silhouette that European fashion loves a woman. The top two fashion place in Europe are Paris and Milan. Designers like Missoni and Badgley Mischka really execute an incredible silhouette for women and kind of bring you back to a sense of romance in their gowns and even in everyday fashions.

If you look at everyday fashions that are on the street of Paris, it’s just amazing in delivery of even what you found in a picture of a woman who had like Mickey Mouse shirt on and it was a great t-shirt. It was well fitted a red pencil skirt and kind of a ball cap twisted sideways and you thought wow. That is such a great twist on that outfit. In New York, there’s always this relaxed kind of easygoing element of style. A sweatshirt which is made by a Russian rug. A pattern design paired nicely with a pop of color with the accessory and a black trousers.

Whether it rain or shine, there’s still good fashion. Wearing a jacket which you can find in sales design with the golden birds. It’s a fantastic design for most women and it is like the oversized look a moon. It will look more elegant and effortlessly to wear. Just wrap a scarf around it and it will look like someone strategically placed it on you. It will takes too¬†much attention to wrap it around on your neck. Coolness on wearing a velvet always mix with a casual like during the day like with a t-shirt or like a blouse. Very simple in the night. You can just change like the top or like the bottom and then you will look like very chic, because velvet already look like very chic material.

These are the lasts trends of European fashion and desires.