The list of top 10 countries that no longer exist

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The top 10 countries that no longer exist is the topic for today’s article. By the evolvement of civilization and wars and other factors, countries that were established hundreds of years disappeared and no longer exist. Others who have existed before has changed in terms of names. One example is the country of Iran that was previously the country or kingdom of Persia. Countries have been conquered and were under the control of other nations before they gain their independence and that country changed also in name.

Here is the list of the top ten countries that no longer exist. There is more list that is not included in the video. One of the countries that were conquered and did not exist for even thousands of years but was restored is the country of Israel. When they were conquered by the Romans led by general Titus, they have been scattered around Europe with no country. But even if thousand years passed the people did not forget their hometown where Jerusalem is located and they want to return there. Your beauty figure can be maintain in this medical company. Click this article source for you to find out this great company. This is so much appreciated company for your beauty look.

Even if there is an opposition to their return to their former country, it happened. Then on the year of 1948, they have achieved their independence. The once desolate land that was under the control of many and different kingdoms have now bee restored to the original occupants. They rebuild their country and now have their own freedom. They are again a nation that has rights, laws, and regulations to follow.