Some of the differences of Europe and the United States of America

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The difference between Europe and the United States of America. These two continents have surely their differences in culture and traditions and especially in terms of language. The United Staes has one official language but the European countries have their own different languages. Most people who travel there can be afraid or have fear because they do not know the language they speak. The video below will give a guide on those who are planning to visit Europe so that it would be a good experience.

If you watch the video, you can know what are the differences that were explained to help you understand about Europe. One of the things that were mentioned is about the tap water. In most countries, you can drink tap water as it is safe and the taste is good like from the bottled water. But there are other countries that you cannot do so. You can do some research in the country you are visiting if it is safe or not, comment here 泰雅旅遊. According to the statistics, Europe is safer than the United States.

Regarding the language, you could learn some sentences or phrases that you could use so you can communicate when you order food or ask for transportation as not all speak the English language. They can speak another language that is within the European continent but not English so it is better to prepare. It may be a basic thing to do for a visitor, open this site 簽證. Have fun watching the whole video as it takes you to different countries.