Tips on Travelling Europe

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When you come to Europe, I recommend you to pack normal clothes. In Europe, people dress a lot of nicer than the usual. European people are not so casual, they really dress up no matter they are doing something that is like exercise. Europeans looks nice doing it instead of bringing like cargo shorts, sandals and ratty t-shirts and even baseball caps and fanny packs. Maybe kind of get rid of all the stuff and just wear your normal clothes. Wear jeans, pants, nice shirt and you know dresses things like sweaters to wrap around you to fit in and pretty.

European City just trust a little bit nicer. They just wear normal clothes. Wear shoes also that looks good that you can walk a lot in. In short, just pack less because you only need a few outfits to get through a trip. Another tip is you prepare a cash when you go on a trip in Europe. That would be a big help to make your life easier in Europe because some places like big groceries and restaurants do not accept cards. So you need to keep a cash.

Change your drink mentally. In Europe they don’t offer water like what is it to be in other countries. Every single drink you want in here you’re gonna pay for even if it’s water. Also, slow down your mentality and self because things don’t go as fast in here. People take their time and that means walking in restaurants and everything. Lastly, when before you travel in Europe make sure to learn even one phrase, like do you speak in English in the language you are trying to speak in. Instead of walking up to someone and just immediately speaking in English saying sorry I don’t speak German or sorry I don’t speak French. Just learn one sentence to ask and they can tell you yes or no.