European Culture

The European continent is one that is a shadow zone for many different cultures throughout Europe. It is easy to see the history that has occurred in the part of the world when looking at buildings about their heritage, one can get a strong feeling that each country in Europe has their own identity within a number of countries. There are groups that trace their roots back thousands of years and would like to become their own autonomous nation. In other places, there is relative stability and people live with the same beliefs and traditions that they have had for thousands of years while the structure of the European Union is in ways similar to that of the United States.

The unity that has been achieved in the US has somewhat to do with the fact that the country was formed by people that shared Anglo-Saxon culture. It is easy to see the difference that even a few miles will make in gaps between cultures. Each city and country in Europe has its own story to tell and it could be told by the people that lived there and the architectural remains that the centuries old in Barcelona.The common trip was separation from Spain Catalonia has strived for independence for as long as they have has their Catalan identity with the separate language from the rest of Spain and an economic system that accounts for 2% of Spain’s total GDP.

Barcelona exudes all the beauty and assets of a modern mega city using the 1994 Summer Olympics as excuse to build up their city. There are facilities that rival any modern sporting venue mixed with modern buildings though buildings are hundred of years old including some that still haven’t been completed. Europe would feel much more in touch with the past and what  has gone through in the past thousand years. See also the this Beauty>>  info The difference of Europe from other countries is the appreciation for the past and maintaining a national identity.